Although difficult, it is entirely possible to install stone tile flooring yourself. If you do wish to install on your own, it is important to prepare and follow the steps according to plan. If you feel as though it is becoming too strenuous to proceed on your own any further, it is important to call and hire a professional. This will save you from potential injury, and will ensure that your stone tiles are installed correctly. Should you decide to install on your own, this guide will cover all of the fundamentals, and will help you get started on your new floor.

Stone tile flooringThe first step in installing stone tile flooring involves inspecting the substrate. The substrate is the surface on which the tiles are to be placed. It is recommended that you apply a thin underlay in-between the tile and the substrate. Although not necessary, this will prevent any potential damage from occurring.

After the substrate has been fully prepared, it is now time to cut the stone tiles. You should measure precisely the size of each stone, and then cut accordingly. This will prevent any unwanted space left in the end. After you have measured and cut the stones, it is now time to place them upon the substrate. You should apply a thin layer of mortar around the layout of your floor. Stone tiles should not have too much space between them, so make sure that they connect at the edges. After you have applied the mortar, you can press the stones firmly into place.

Due to the various sizes, the stones are rarely leveled evenly. This can be adjusted by adding more or less mortar between the tile and the substrate. It is important to have the stones as leveled as possible, yet it is perfectly normal if they are not.

After you have finished leveling all of the tiles, it is time to fill the spaces left between the tiles. You can use un-sanded grout to fill in the wedges. You apply the grout with a float, a specific tool used for flooring, and then wipe of the excess with a sponge. This ensures that your new floor will not be scratched during the process.

Upon completing these steps, it is important to let the tiles dry. Let the room ventilate for three days, and try to avoid walking on the floor. By following these steps, you will be able to successfully install stone tile flooring.

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